STAR Method Interview

If you've ever searched the Internet for information on "how to succeed in an interview" then you've probably come across the term STAR. Whether the interview is for Amazon, P&G, or any other company, and no matter how it’s held (face-to-face, via phone, etc.), STAR is one of the most comprehensive techniques for answering interview questions.

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The STAR technique allows candidates to answer questions clearly, providing concrete examples to demonstrate typical behavior, verbal, past experience, and abilities all round.

What does STAR stand for? It is an acronym for the four words: Situation, Task, Action, Result. The technique allows you to answer open-ended questions effectively and is especially useful for interviews at Amazon because it allows you to integrate LPs (Leadership Principles) into your answers.

Each of the STAR elements describes one of the steps in the process of answering a behavioral or soft skills question, whilst integrating LPs:


The first step is to describe the situation you have chosen in order to answer the question. This could be an experience from your personal life, your previous job, a volunteer activity, or any other event that you feel is relevant. You should provide a lot of detail so that the interviewer can fully understand the complexity of the situation. 


Describe your role or responsibility in the situation. What did you want to accomplish? What was your purpose or aim in the event? 


You should now describe how you achieved your goal or overcame obstacles you mentioned in the previous steps. Focus on your own actions, not those of your team, supervisor, or colleagues – you are the one interviewing for the job! Use the word "I" and not "we".


Finally, describe to the interviewer the outcome of the situation. Do not be afraid to take credit for your actions and behavior! Explain exactly what happened and how the situation was resolved as a result of your actions. If possible, use numerical data to demonstrate the progress of the situation.

You now have all the information you need in order answer interview questions completely and correctly using the STAR method. Practice answering various questions using this method so that when it’s time for your interview you answer incorporate the steps in a natural manner. Good luck with the interview!