PI Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a personality test that categorizes and evaluates the motivations of employees and candidates. Created more than 60 years ago, it is considered one of the most widely used pre-employment tests by companies (more than 6500 companies use it worldwide).

This personality test is translated into 70 languages and is divided into four basic behavioral factors. These factors and their interrelationships create a behavioral profile that provides a clear framework for understanding the work behavior of candidates and employees. The questions on the PI Behavioral Assessment are different from those on other personality tests. Here, the candidate is presented with a list of 86 adjectives, and only the instructions differ for each question. The candidate must choose all the words that correspond to the given instruction, whether it is how he or she perceives themselves or how he or she thinks other people perceive him or her, etc. At the end of the test, the candidate receives a test report with a description of the profile that corresponds to him/her. The total duration of the test is less than 10 minutes, and it allows for the evaluation of 17 major profiles.

The Different Personalities (Types or Traits)

The four primary behavioral factors assessed are:

  1. Dominance
  2. Extraversion
  3. Patience
  4. Formality
The four primary behavioral factors assessed of the PI Behavioral Assessment

According to these factors, 17 reference profiles are analyzed:

GroupExemplary personality trait of the groupPresentation of the personality trait
Analytical profilesAnalyzerAnalyzers are meticulous and pay a lot of attention to detail. It is important for them to be right. They are usually focused and thoughtful.
ControllerControllers are self-disciplined. They work hard to follow and enforce authority and instructions. They are usually straightforward and responsible.
Adventurer/EntrepreneurAdventurers constantly explore and push boundaries. When an entrepreneur identifies an opportunity, they don't stop until they seize it. They are strong-willed, goal-oriented, self-directed, and innovative.
SpecialistIntrospective, cautious, and respectful of authority. They pay attention to details and need to understand a subject well before making decisions. The important thing for them is not to be right but to do things right.
StrategistThe strategist takes a long-term view and considers all decisions that could benefit the company. They are concerned with facts, are serious, and like to keep a close eye on their work.
Social profilesAltruistAltruists do not want to be recognized; they get satisfaction from helping and supporting their colleagues. They seek harmony and are always the first to help. They are generally detail-oriented and precise in their work.
CaptainCaptains are natural leaders who energize their teams, are independent, strong-willed, and communicate easily with their colleagues and direct reports.
CollaboratorCollaborators are outgoing and good at helping their colleagues. They do not impose their will on anyone and are more likely to support decisions and projects already underway. They are empathetic, patient, and collaborative.
MarginalOutsiders are visionaries who want to achieve what has never been done before. They respect others and are not intimidated by risk or failure. They tend to be innovative, bold, and direct.
LawyerHard to dislike, they are a valued member of the entire team. Outgoing and charismatic, they enjoy the company of others and are very persuasive.
PersuasivePersuaders are motivators and leaders within their organizations. Balanced and outgoing, they like to stand out and are not afraid to take risks.
Stabilizing profilesChameleonChameleons adapt to all types of situations and have a relatively even balance of behaviors. They have no predominant motivations that dictate their behavior. They can sometimes be difficult to read.
ArtisanA craftsman is thoughtful, deliberate, with an eye for detail and follow-through. They work collaboratively but also know how to work alone.
GuardianGuardians are generally selfless and approachable. They pay close attention to detail, are thoughtful, steady, and reliable. They like structure and tend to be perfectionists.
OperatorOperators are dependable people. They are patient and conscientious and are among the most cooperative people on the team.
Constant profilesIndividualistIndividualists walk at their own pace and are always ready for a challenge. They are confident, analytical, and persistent. They do not like to get bogged down in details.
ScholarScholars are motivated by a desire to achieve mastery of their subjects. Often reserved, they tend to work independently. They value stability and consistency and are analytical and disciplined. They have exceptional follow-up skills.

Where Can I Find Practice Tests?

You can find a full Personality Practice Assessment on the following page.

In Which Languages Is the Test Available?

The PI Behavioral Assessment is available in 70 languages.


A test report containing the results and one of the 17 profiles corresponding to the personality of the person tested is sent to the company and the candidate.


This test is available in paper version as well as online.

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